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“Couldn't have picked a better nursery both my son (3 years, 4months) and my daughter (13 months) attended since they were babies and developed wonderfully. My son is leaving for school soon, and I’ll be very sad when my daughter leaves as I will miss the staff who alway took the time to answer my questions and update me on my children's development and nursery events. I couldn't thank them enough for their help and hard work.”

R Mosedale 2012.

“All staff are great with Daisie. Great communication, will be very sad when she goes to primary school!”

D Hall 2012.

“We go the extra mile”

“I have had two sons attend Roundabout nursery from babies and both have been very well looked after, and have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

C Riddick 2012.

“I have been bringing my son Jack to the nursery now for the last 2 years and can honesty say that he loves coming here, he even asked can he come to nursery on the weekend. The staff are friendly and helpful and do go that extra mile if needed.”

B Steele 2012.

“Since returning back to work in August 2010 my son Brandan has been attending the Roundabout Day Care Nursery.

Since Brandan has been attending the nursery I have been more than happy with all the care provided for Brandan.

The staff are well presented and very professional, also vert friendly and easy to approach with any concerns or problems, especially since Brandan is the only child at the nursery who needs to wear glasses. They have tried everything to encourage him to wear them which he is doing very well with their help. I am very happy with Brandan development and he is very happy with himself at the nursery so I know the staff are doing a very good job.”

T Coldough 2012.

“We have used Roundabout Day nursery and Timeout School Club for the past 16 years. The nursery looked after both our sons from 1996 and is currently caring for our youngest son at the age of 9.

The care given by both Roundabout and Timeout was and still is excellent. The staff are very conscientious and dedicated to their jobs. The staff encourage the children to be independent and give them plenty of guidance.

Our youngest son is currently at Timeout where the staff enhances his education and help with his homework received from school.

The club are available during school holidays with a holiday package of activities which normally includes trips out of the club of which they all seem to enjoy.

I would recommend Roundabout and Timeout to anyone looking for a reputable nursery or school club.”

K Dale 2012.

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